My name is Manar Hussien. I am 20 years old. A Computer Science Student who enjoys programming. A fun fact about me being a programmer is that I almost only chose programming so that I could escape from studying Medicine. Till the age of 15 or 16, whenever I was asked about what I want to in the future, I did say: “I wanna be a doctor, I wanna help the patients specially the poor and the children”. Having a closer look at the future of the doctors in Egypt, I totally changed my mind :). Getting introduced to programming I realized that I could help people in more beneficial and fast ways. I used to be a hard worker, a perfectionist and a procrastinator. Yes all together! My productivity increases when I am happy and I do always smile when I am happy. I am said to be a good friend. I truly appreciate friendship. I have social anxiety, my case is not severe though :), I am working on it. I do help people whenever I can because I believe it is an internal duty I should do. I offer to help when I can and I feel happy doing so.

3 thoughts on “ALT CV!”

  1. Thanks for sharing all that ya Manar… And you’re right there are many ways to be helpful other than medicine – and medicine in Egypt is really frustrating. I wanted to be a doctor too but ended up in computer science (but my parents and husband are doctors, so I still suffer second hand!)

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  2. i love the fact that you love helping others, and i believe that one day you will be able to do so. i love computer science and have learned a bit of programming, and honestly wish to continue. i think you might be able to work in Microsoft or create your app one day.

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