Non-complementary Behavior

I do not think I had personally went through a non-complementary behavior, but I remember a situation that happened to someone I know. It was during the night and he was attacked by two men who wanted to steal money from him, and they had a knife with which they tried to attack him. He is very good at more than one of the martial arts, so he was able to professionally snatch the knife from them. And by the end of the night they were all eating together and he willingly  gave them all the money he had. The men promised not to do that again.

2 thoughts on “Non-complementary Behavior”

  1. Wow that is cool and surprisingly similar to the story in the podcast – the eating together part but not the beginning part. Do you think he emoathized with the thiefs that they were poor and needed the money? Really helps that he knew martial arts and could self-defend!

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