Modifying the Education Process: Reflection on CLT Anniversary Event

Education is a complicated process, I believe that both the instructor and the student should exert great efforts. The Co-design Session was my first experience talking explicitly to professors about how I see the educational process and the flaws I see need to be modified. After getting introduced to each other, we were given a set of cards with some a question on each. We were asked about the faculty motivation and demotivation factors, what helps us be more attentive in class,… Some of the  demotivating factors we as students mentioned were professors indifference about the students and their performance, the faculty members being inefficient in terms of explaining the subjects, faculty members spending a quit long time speaking about themselves in attempt to show off and minimizing students’ position. On the other hand, from among the motivation factors, we mentioned a strong connection between the student and the professor, moderate work load and bonus points for sure :).  Another interesting question was about what motivates us to try hard to do our best in our classes. We said they are the passion and our interest in our majors and the desire to learn more, the professor being knowledgeable and using an interesting way to deliver the information, trying to do good to get high grades.  The professors had answered similar questions. They said they are motivated when they see the students being attentive in class and show interest in the subject. Some of them said that they get irritated when students come to class late and when students use their mobile phones during the class. A professor mentioned a nice way to over come the later problem. she gives the students a two-minute break to use their phones during the class, but other than those two minutes, they can’t use it. Regarding the coming to class late issue, a professor said that she makes a quiz/ a bonus quiz at the beginning of the class in order to -kind of- force the students to come on time. I did not like the idea and I mentioned my experience in coming to class late. I had an 8:30 class and I was usually late. The professor used to do the quizzes in the first 10 minutes of the class, and I almost missed every quiz, losing 10% of the total grade of the course. I am not being proud of coming late and I respect the professors right to have the students in class on time, but I am just offended with forcing them to come on time this way. We did not have time to go through all the questions in the cards, however, the conversation we had was fruitful and interesting.


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