Soliya Reflection I

I liked the experience till now. Getting directly introduced to people from different cultures and having the chance to directly ask abut any cultural aspect is something that I see useful and enjoyable. In the first meeting we introduced ourselves and we did an identity activity. We were required to select 7 aspects that describe our identity. From among us, there were 5 Arab Muslims, 4 of which mentioned being a Muslim as part of the identity. We had went through an interesting debate whether religion is to be considered an identity aspect or not. I liked the debate but unfortunately we did not have time to conclude. For the second meeting, we had to prepare a post that attracted us on social media and mention why we were touched. During the meeting, we were divided into groups of twos or threes to discuss what we came up with. This was interesting too. Then we had an open discussion. Someone asked that everyone else explain how the educational system in his country works. Then a question was directed to the two US participants about Donald Trump’s deeds, we also talked a bit about politics in Egypt. We spent some good time talking about politics and I liked the conversation. The experience is generally useful and interesting for me.


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